It's just a phase . . . so don't miss it.

Last week we talked about Nehemiah - how he couldn’t build the wall by himself, he needed a community. His family and friends, cross generations.  And we learned what a difference it makes when we work together. We can do more together!

We learned that each kid goes through phases.  A phase is a timeframe in a kid’s life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence a kid’s future.  

If you’re already thinking, I don’t work with kids or teenagers, I don’t even like kids or teenagers, just pause for a second.  Because I can almost guarantee you’re an aunt, or an uncle, or a great-cousin, or you have a friend with a kid - you interact with a kid or teenager in some way.  Remember that you were a kid once, right? You remember key influencers that helped guide you on your path. So today we’re talking about the next generation and how we can be people who, together, influence those around us for good.  Join us this Sunday as we talk about six things every kid and teenager needs.

Psalm 90:12

On the journey together,