Summer Family Activity Book

Summer is officially here...Can't you feel the heat?  I'm not just talking about the temperature.  As parents, we feel the pressure to keep our kids entertained 24/7, so as to avoid hearing those dreaded words, "I'm bored" (Bored is a bad word in the Kapple household).

Here is a great resource from Village Church in Dallas to provide much needed help.

This will allow you to be intentional with the time you spend engaging the hearts, minds, bodies (That equals a soul) of your children this Summer.  

This is inspired by Deuteronomy 6 which calls us to live out our faith in front of our children.  We are to talk about Jesus when we wake up, when we go throughout our day and when we go to bed.  This will help you make it all connect, making you the spiritual giant in your kids' lives that they need.

Check it out here 

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