Peace I Give You

Most Christians have heard of the Hebrew word "shalom", which means 'peace'. Peace is a word we commonly translate as either an absence of war, or serenity and calmness. When you see a scene like this one, you probably think peaceful ... but this is only part of the definition of shalom. It also means 'health', 'safety' and my favorite, 'completeness'. So to have "shalom with God" is to have a complete, unbroken relationship with Him. To be whole.

When Jesus said; "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you", he was referring to the sort of complete relationship with God that he enjoys. He was leaving salvation with us! We often think being "saved" is about being in heaven when we die, but it’s also about having an unbroken, complete relationship with God here on earth. That’s shalom! Don’t miss that … salvation is when our relationship with God is complete, which is the definition of shalom!

Today, I am praying that everyone who reads these words would truly know the peace or ‘shalom' or salvation of God.

On The Journey Together,


Leawood PresComment