So What Do You Do?

Ever feel like this at work? -

Most men are either disengaged, disappointed, over-engaged or underworking.

Oftentimes when we meet someone, we ask, "what do you do?"  Not a bad question, but maybe a good follow up question is, "What do you love about what you do?" It's not just the work that gets done inside the church that can advance the Kingdom of God.  

All jobs are hard, and sometimes it's right to stay in a job, even when it's difficult.  

We have to infuse meaning, working out with God why He has us in the job we're in.

Work is not a result of the fall, or rebellion of mankind.  It's found in the garden before the fall.  Work is a task, a mission, an opportunity, a stewardship that God entrusts to his image bearers to create and cultivate.  

Work serves a practical function as well.  It provides dignity and resources so we can give and spiritual formation. There are just some things that can't be shaped in us without work i.e., punctuality, responsibility, accountability...these things are working on me while I'm working on the job.

Another question you might follow up with is, "How does your faith shape your work?"

I'm looking forward to seeing you all tonight.  

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