He Made The Storm Be Still

Have you ever noticed that throughout the Bible, large bodies of water are the cause of chaos?

There’s the flood of Noah, the Red Sea blocking the exodus from Egypt, the Jordan River stalling Israel from entering the Promised Land, or the storm at sea that had the disciples in a panic. So if I told you that the Hebrew word for 'water’ has the same root as their word for 'chaos', you probably wouldn't be surprised.

But as many times as people face the chaos and turmoil of water, God also shows up to provide a way out. He saves Noah and his family, He parts the Red Sea and the Jordan River, and Jesus calms the storm on the Sea of Galilee. God always takes control of the situation. The message here for all of us is that whatever chaos or uncertainty you’re facing today, God is in control––just as He was throughout the Bible.

Are you facing chaos or turmoil today? If you need prayer, just LIKE this post and write WATER in the COMMENTS … and be reminded that God is in control of your situation too, ready to provide a way out.

Leawood PresComment