In the fast-paced society in which we live, it's easy to see church as just another event on our calendars if we're not careful.  The early church modeled for us a different way of life, however, and we've drawn from their example and principles to create "Small Groups."

One thing that we place a lot of emphasis on at Leawood Pres. is community--engaging with each other and with our community to have a deeper and more lasting impact in the lives of others. We are working toward this goal of a more engaged community through “Small Groups.” 

Small Groups are built on four foundations:

Becoming a Celebrating, Joyful group.

Becoming a Learning Community, where you engage God's Truth, seek to understand, and put learning into practice.

Becoming a Loving Community, where you share Christ's love with one another.

Becoming a Serving Community, serving one another and the world around you.


We have several groups available to grow in your walk with Christ! Contact Scott McDonald for more details on how to get involved in a Small Group.